Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register/sign up as a volunteer?

A. To register as a volunteer please go to Volunteer Registration Page and fill in the online registration form.


Q. When I register am I signing up for the whole event?

A. You have the option to sign up for the whole week or day (s) that suit your availability.


Q. I wish to be a reserve / on-call volunteer.

A. We are always looking for additional volunteers that we can call upon during the week.  If you are interested as an emergency volunteer please register at Volunteer Registration Page and make the days you are available and what areas interest you. 


Q. What roles are available?

A. There are many roles that you can assist, on-water and on-shore to see the full list go to our online registration to see the list of roles.  These include;


  • Course boat
  •  Finish boat
  •  Media boat driver
  •  On water social media
  •  Pin boat
  •  Rescue boat
  •  Start boat
  •  Tower



  •  Beach marshal
  •  Boat refuelling volunteer
  •  Courtesy car coordinator
  •  Courtesy car driver
  •  West Beach Pavilion Kites
  •  Marina marshal
  •  Measurement volunteer
  •  Media Centre volunteer
  •  Operations/ logistics
  •  Parking attendant
  •  Regatta office administration/ registration
  •  Results
  •  Sign on/sign off


Q. Where do I park my car?

A.  There has been a solution devised for parking close to the St Kilda Sailing Precinct for all of our 2016 SWC – Final, Melbourne event volunteers.

Each Team Leader will receive 10 parking passes per day. 

**As there are 10 passes for each team it is recommended that you designate 10 people to drive each day and car pool your team to the event.** 

This system will help ensure that our volunteers do have some access to free parking close by to the St Kilda Sailing Precinct. However, we do encourage our volunteers to take public transport including car or boat pooling or simply by cycling/walking to the event.


Q. Where do I pick up my volunteer pack?

A. Volunteer Registration opens on Sunday 4th December from 2pm onwards.  Registration can be found on the lower level of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.  Alternatively, you can complete your registration on Monday the 5th December.


Q. If I am unable to register in the week prior to the event, what are my options?

A. Whilst we request that ALL volunteers register prior to the event, we understand that there may be some rare circumstance in which this is not possible.  If you are unable to register prior to the event, please make yourself known to the Sailing Manager, Lesley Fasala at 03 9597 0066 or Lesley.Fasala@sailing.org.au


Q. Do I need to sign on every day?

A. You must Sign On and Sign Off every day you are attending the regatta. You will receive your lunch for the day only when you Sign On. Sign On/ Off Station will be located on the lower level of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. 


Q. Where do I pick up my lunch voucher?

A. You will receive your lunch for the day only when you Sign On. Sign On/ Off Station will be located on the lower level of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. 


Q. Where can I leave my personal belongings?

A. If any volunteers have personal items eg keys, wallet etc lockers will be available via RMYS. A deposit for the key is required and will be returned once the key is returned to RMYS.

Each team leader will be provided with a locker for volunteers to leave valuable items.  If you would like to organise a locker please contact RMYS. 

Alternatively, volunteers can leave their belongings in the Volunteer room located on the lower level of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron at your own risk.

Q. What is a Partner Club?

A. A Partner Club is a club assisting and delivering a course at Sailing World Cup – Final, Melbourne.


Q. My club is not a Partner Club, can I volunteer?

A. Yes. You don’t need to be a member of a Partner Club, all volunteers are welcomed to assist and gain experience at the Sailing World Cup – Final, Melbourne.


Q. How do I receive communications from the event organisers?

A. We will send out regular newsletters to all registered volunteers.  The newsletter provides you with up to date information on the event. Direct communications relating to volunteers should be directed to the Sailing Manager, Lesley Fasala at 03 9597 0066 or Lesley.Fasala@sailing.org.au.


Q. I’m not receiving my communications (volunteer newsletter)?

A. Sometimes information can be found in your junk or spam mail. Before emailing us regarding this, please check your junk mail box and mark the sender as safe should you find any communication from us. If you’re still unable to find this newsletter please contact the Event Communications Manager, Kate Lathouras, Kate.Lathouras@sailing.org.au.


Q. When does the volunteer roster come out?

A. The volunteer roster will be sent out closer to the event. If you have any questions please contact Lesley Fasala E: Lesley.Fasala@sailing.org.au.


Q. Do I have a team leader?

A. Yes. All volunteers will be assigned a team leader.  The team leader is your contact for the whole event.  If you need to change a day or session please email your team leader who try to facilitate to your request.


Q. Who is my team leader?

A. As we get closer to the event details of your team leaders will be emailed to all volunteers providing you a photo and contact details.

Each on water course have Team Leaders responsible for each course. Details on this will be available closer to the event.


Q. What do I need to bring if I’m on the water?

A.  We ask that all volunteers bring their own gear for the day appropriate for the activity you are undertaking. This may include a life jacket, hat, wet weather gear and sunscreen etc. If you have any questions regarding what gear to bring please contact your Team Leader.


Q. Are my details confidential?

A. Only your team leader has access to your personal medical information, however to assist in your team’s communications your contact details will be shared to all members of your team. 


Q. Will there be a briefing before we start the event?

A. It is compulsory for all volunteers to attend the Volunteer Induction and Safety Briefing on Sunday 4th December at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron (Upstairs) at 5pm. If you are unable to attend you must notify your Team Leader as they will need to brief you on the meeting. 


Q. Will there be a daily briefing?

A. Your team leader may hold a team meeting in the morning to inform you of information that is relevant for the day.  Your team leader will notify you of the meetings.


Q. Where can I find the schedule for the week?

A. The schedule is located at the Volunteer Program page