Gear and Trailer Drop - Off


  • For the event Pier Rd will be closed from south of the turning circle threw to the entrance near the Sea Baths.  No vehicles will be allowed only boats.
  • Limited public car parking is available on Pier Rd, Beaconsfield Pde and Sea Baths Car Park
  • Boats arriving by road should come to the turning circle at the north, unload boats and equipment and walk onto site.  Trailer parking within a fence compound with in Cantani Gardens, access north of the turning circle of Pier Rd.
  • You can arrive after hours to drop off boats.  After-hours access is available to drop off boats and trailers can be left in the compound.
  • Due to limited space it will be first in first serve with trailer storage or until full.  Please ensure you utilise small efficiently when dropping of the trailer to maximise space.
  • There will be security onsite 24 hours a day, however there is now responsibility for any theft or damage of equipment left on site at owners risk.
  • Please refer to the map


  • No vehicles will be allowed onsite until the morning of Monday 12 December.  However you will be able to load your boats onto trailers in Pier Rd but outside the road closer (event site)


- The Regatta Village on the South Side of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron of the St Kilda Sailing Precinct will host the World Sailing House, Event Stage, Registration, Competitor Sign On/Off and Results Office. The Protest Rooms and Jury will be located in the St Kilda Sea Baths Car Park. 

- First Aid will be located on the lower level of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron Club. 

- If any competitor has a trailer on site you may leave your gear in there during the event. Although the event does have security and fencing in place, you are responsible for the security of you own possession.  This event is out in the public space, so look out for your valuables.

- There in no formal undercover storage for spare equipment, however we would advise to only bring what is required each day. Bags and gear can be left in the yard of RMYS, but it is on a first come, first served basis and at your own risk. 

Please refer to the event website for more information: